27 Jan

Hey friends, 

This is gonna be my last product review video for today because I am going to a family reunion. 

I need to get on the road but I want to talk about two products in this video and the two products. I'm going to be talking about are the Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

I'll start with the shampoo first as you guys can see shampoo is down to about here. I've been using it I've used this probably three or four times and I gotta say. 

I really love this shampoo it does not have sulfates in it. It is just great guys it's absolutely wonderful it suds up extremely well as if it has sulfates in it and it cleanses. 

The hair really well and leaves it soft afterwards. I prefer to Co wash my hair but when I want to shampoo my hair like after the gym. I really like to use this because it leaves my hair really clean really soft and really moisturize. 

It's not stripping it's not drying none of those things. It is all good things with the shampoo, it smells really good you don't have to use too much. I'm heavy-handed with products. 

I use quite a bit but you don't really need a lot of this product. For it to work really well if you distribute it through your hair with a nice maybe quarter size amount well. 

Maybe a little bit more than a quarter size amount depending on the amount of hair that you have but again you don't have to use. 

A lot it a little bit goes a long way with this shampoo the price on this guy was $9.99 and I'm actually wanting to try their raw shea butter restorative shampoo as well. 

I've heard nothing but good things about that shampoo. I really want to try that but for now having the curl and shine coconut biscuits shampoo is awesome and it works really well for my hair. I actually sold this for my mom. 

I'm to buy her another one because this is hers but I've taken ownership of it just. I kind of did a coup on that and just took it so the next thing we want to talk about is the coconut hibiscus curl and shine conditioner. 

Now, if you guys are like hey I've never seen that before where did you get that from it is part of their new product line that came out they came out with Shea Moisture came out with. 

I want to say six or eight new products and this was one of the new ones and I found it at Target one of the targets over an area by my job and just was walking around target one day during lunch and so. 

I said hey I'll try it because as you guys if you haven't seen my other video on the raw shea butter restorative conditioner that is like my holy girl leaving now so I thought maybe this will be nice too cuz. 

I do like the coconut hibiscus line. I love the shampoo love the curling style milk and but hey I might might really like this one so give it a shot now this one it says this lightweight daily conditioner restores moisture and smoothes dry hair cuticles nor more nuts snarls and tangles chains frizz as it defines and enhances natural curls. 

I noticed that this does not say it can be used as a leave-in but I'm assuming you can use those leave in because a lot of conditioners people you know do use those leave them something like the Tresemme naturals which I have a review on that as well. 

But, I use this as a rinse out conditioner the first time you just use it. I've only used it once and I got to say my hair was so soft and so moisturize and it gave me really nice flip it was absolutely amazing. I used it right after using the shampoo and my hair loved it. 

I may try it as a leave-in. I may just to see how it works but for me this is an amazing rinse out conditioner. I really enjoyed it in the smell of course with coconut and discus line it smells amazing so definitely a great product. I'm not sure if every single target is going to be selling the products. 

I hope you liked my article on this product review.

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