20 Dec

I have been giving a lot of love recently to the cloud nine original wand and I have been putting off doing this review for a while because I wanted to be able to kind of try in loads of different ways. Try it in different settings and everything like that before.

Her i have written my final review on Cloud Nine Curling Wand but I'm pretty sure that it was kind of love at first sight because I've had various different curling ones in the past and I've never ever really got on with them and you would think that because. I've got curly hair naturally that they would work really well on my hair.

But it just would never ever hold a curl and I would straighten it with straightness and I don't like how straight hair looks on me I don't think it suits me very well and I always wanted to kind of have a bit more movement and have the kind of more messy glam waves and no clothing on everything to really work on my hair. They never stayed in my hair until this came along now I'm aware that this is expensive and I will confess that I got sent this but if you took this away from me now.

I would go and buy another one it's that amazing it's a hundred and nineteen pounds on the cloud nine website you can find it slightly cheaper in other places like Amazon and that kind of thing so do search around but this is what the wand looks like I'm kind of being a bit careful because it's slightly hot.

I used it to do my hair this morning but it comes to this kind of guard on it and then when you remove it you see the barrel is kind of tapered so it's thicker at this end and then tapers towards the thinner end at the bottom and what's great with this is you can kind of have a thicker curl if you only use this section or you can have a tapered coal which is what I like to do it comes with three different heat settings.

So you've got kind of low medium-high. I always have on the medium sometimes I'm alone. I've never used it on the high and there's absolutely no need I've found it also comes with a glove which is like a heat protectant glove which is important when your first time to use it because you can kind of end up touching your hands.

I've actually burnt myself really badly on my arm here from not using it, to begin with, I thought. I was clever and I kind of and I actually did hurt myself it does really hurt as well at them so do use this, to begin with, once you've kind of gotten used it. You don't need them it's not hard to use at all. I want to show you a couple of different ways you can use it but essentially it's pretty self-explanatory when you're curling iron. I like to hold it upside down like this takes the piece of hair wrap it round as you can see and then just leave it for kind of fewer than 10 seconds.

I normally do about five and then drop the cow a lot of people would recommend you kind of scrunch the curl and pin them hair spray that kind of thing. I wanted to test it in a way that kind of was the most low-maintenance usage. So what I did was just curled my hair popped a bit of hairspray and left it and it stayed in so well I haven't pinned it.

I will try it with pinning at one time and see kind of how what a difference that makes the kind of if you're going for a really special occasion here that might be good but it stays in so nicely it does drop a little bit but. I like that I like the kind of more undone slightly Messier curl and you can kind of see now it's not a really really loose coil.

I've kind of judged it up and messed a little bit with hairspray because I like it to look like that you can do kind of different curls with this if that's what you want as well and I definitely recommend this if you only buy one hair tool this year buy this a lot of people have been asking me if. I straighten my hair first I do I'll just straighten my hair kind of fairly messily because if I do it kind of on my normally frizzy hair um it just looks insane.

I haven't tried it on my hair when it's curly hence why I haven't done it you tall yeah because I want to try it like that but so many of you been asking me to write a review on it. I think this is amazing no curling iron has ever managed to create curls stay in my hair not only for the day.

I've done them but the next day so tonight if I just brush my hair and I'll take a little bit of serum with a little bit of hair or kind of twist all the curls again and go to bed tomorrow morning I'll have like messy kind of much more undone that kind of messy wave and it'll just be equally as and it kind of minimizes the amount of time you have to use the number of times you have to use heat on your hair.

So, I really really recommend these they also kind of this kind of heat God mat which you can pop them down and so you're not damaging any surfaces as well. I haven't actually used this bit use these because I've got kind of a glass top on my dresser. So I had to do that but really nice for traveling and I love these they're just the best hair tool. 

I've ever tried and I really recommend you go and buy these and I've got shuffle back on Instagram recently and obviously. Upcoming days i am writing articles on others Cloud Nine Hair Styling Products, which are very helpful to you guys.

I will do a full article and it's let me know if you want any particular looks this is what I did today just kind of like I did it in a little bit of a rush and it's more of a kind of messy wave but you can do lots of different ones so let me know if you want to do a couple of different ones or just a kind of straight god how to do it but I thought I'd come on here with a review and tell you that yes ten out of ten for me.