23 Dec

Hi everyone so in today's Article I thought I would share with you what I have been using after I straighten my hair to pack it down .or put down them frizzy little sticky hair that doesn't lay down at all so I use the argan oil and it's the weightless healing dry oil that usually helps the ends of my hair and I usually come after I spray my hair with that product and I love it it just not yeah you know it's weightless dry oil so it doesn't have that thickness to it or any of like that residue that other products leave. 

I've been using that for a while and I love that product .and after I get all the ends calm down and now some pretty I go in with the other product that I love to use I found this Redken Texture Rough Paste 12 product it's the rough 12 faced or rough-faced wall. This texturizing hair paste provides flexibility to your hair and increases manageability.

You can follow the step to use it:

· Apply Redken Texture Rough Paste 12 on your hair 

· Massage it in your hair 

· Leave it in your hair 

· Set your hair as desired

Some of the key point I would like to share with you:

• Makes hair flexible and increase manageability

• Makes styling so easy

• Allows users to do rework on their hairstyles

• Creates ragged and deconstructed texture

This product I have to say it's a heavy product so you know if you've never use the paste it's very thick paste so that's why you have to use only a small DAP because all you need is like to take that small dab rub it between your fingers and just tap on the little hairs that are standing up and who will never lay down with a straightening or anything .so I just added my hair with that product .

 I took a fine comb and I'm just dragging that product down the hair and voila that's all I do and all day I don't have any hair that I have to worry about what my hair looks like and like somebody that would come in and just try to let your hair down for you so yeah no more embarrassing moments like that you guys I love that product and you know what you guys this is just what I do for my hair. This is what I thought it was a quick solution to pack my hair down so I don't have frizzy staticky hair.

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